Eau my, a sale!

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I'm liquidating some brands from my shop, so here - have some perfume sales! :)

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All sales final. Please pay using Paypal – send monies to sweetanthem@gmail.com. Shipping cap for CONUS is $5.00 for USPS First Class Mail.


Feb. 11th, 2013

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So, I had this server just lion around and I thought I'd start uploading some safari photos there.

(Oh yeah. We went to Africa.)

I'm now blogging at Between Soups – which is still a giant work in progress, but I will be attempting to actually blog there from now on. Get your redirects on!


New fragrances at Sweet Anthem!

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I know I haven't posted in awhile, but it's been busy. Real busy. Good busy. And I think after today I can finally relax, because my new Spring fragrances are finally online for pre-order! Phew.

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In case you're interested, you can order via Etsy or my website. I would really appreciate it if you shared this post with your friends, and I promise a real actual update soon!


Fall/Halloween '11 at Sweet Anthem

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I don't think I posted this here yet, but my Fall and Halloween 2011 collections are live on my website and in my Etsy shop. My seasonal offerings include:

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I am already out of a few things in perfume oil format, though #34-36 are mid-season releases that will be live until November 30. The rest of the collection will be coming down November 18.

If you're in Seattle, you can come sniff these in person at our West Seattle lab:
6021-B California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98136
Wed-Sat, 11am-6pm


Harry Potter World 2011

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I finally got around to editing some of our photos from our trip to HP World. With the reopening of hogwarts_elite, I thought it might be fun to post them here. xD

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I have A LOT of film to get developed from Universal Studios and Disney World. We had a blast and I still want to go back – it was worth every second and I wish we'd had more time (and we had three days at each park). I posted a really long review of HP World on my Facebook – if anyone is interested, I can repost that here.

Sellin' Smellies

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I'm selling a lot of my old perfume stash that I never, ever wear. Claim one for yourself here. I will continue to add to this list as I destash and make room for newer, bigger, better things. :)

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Crossposting from Essais.

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I am cross posting my other blog, Essais, here to hermintage from now on. I hope that if you like what you see, you'll leave a comment over there ;)

It's not as personal as my previous LJ entries were but I feel less of a need to vent lately (possibly because of Twitter or Facebook).

Anyway, that is all. See you on the other side.

P.S. I keep forgetting that there's LJ Feed for Essais, too, which you can follow if you prefer.
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I'll be the first to admit it: I've always been kind of an anti-Valentine's Day kind-of-girl. I don't get the showering-of-affection-one-day-a-year so the greeting-card-companies can rip us all off thing. (Of course that was my sentiment long before the...Continue Reading »

Oct. 31st, 2009

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It has been a really long time since I posted, becaude things have been insanely busy (if you have been following my twitter, then you know). I am currently in New Mexico, actually, visiting my dad and co for the first time since we got engaged.

Phil moved in about two weeks ago, and despite the stress that comes with moving and the fact that our apartment still sorta looks like a hurricane hit it, that has been good. We still have separate rooms, which I will probably want until we get married, but it's nice being around each other all the time. We are both at home now, since my Microsoft contract was cut (yet again) and I have kind of until the end of Nov to find something before I have to start paying for Cobra. Bleh. I have been so busy with Sweet Anthem though that I haven't even looked for a full time job yet, and am kind of dragging my feet about it since I have four shows this month.

Speaking of which, and the main reason for posting... I just got a really horrible negative feedback on my shop bc I wasn't clear about zine shipping times. I thought I said business days in the listing, but didn't, and then the move kicked in and I had my lab shut down and had to delay some orders a few days. She had sent me one flaming email before, since my orderbot uses the blanket 7-14 day rule, and then again when I contacted her about moving. I should have canned the transaction then but shipped it immediately via prio the next day and she STILL flamed me horribly.

Can someone go read it plz and tell me if is should be as horrified as I am? My dad doesn't seem to think so (oh, I managed to read this just as the family was gathering for supper prayer, and burst into tears in front of everyone), but it put me back at 99% pos and I hate that since I have been basically busting my ass.

Additionally, matters were made worse as my dad was trying to reason with me very nicely as I was still in tears after prayer when my step mom yelled at him to go eat in a way that she pretty much demeaned me, not unlike she was doing the entire time that I was living with them last year, and now I just want to go home. Was it really so horrible he was trying to console me for like two minutes while people were in line to grab food? I've forgone dinner atm bc I cannot advocate that fucking behavior (and frankly, don't like lasagna at all).

Anyway, the feedback in question is the 2nd from the top on my first page of feedback: http://sweetanthem.etsy.com. All I can do is pay more attention next time, I guess.

drink deep

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It's been awhile since I updated, so I figure I'm overdue. I've been posting to that other blog, but I try to keep personal info out of it for the most part. I haven't really posted much to my my wedding blog yet because there hasn't been much news until, well, this week, so there it is for reference. Also, I'm kinda addicted to Facebook again. Also, between swine flu & perfume, I've been a little too busy to care too much about LJ. Sorry, LJ.

So yes, let's go back a bit. I went to PAX. We had lots of fun. It was great to see folk, of course, and we played lots and lots of MTG and got lots and lots of booster packs. My Mare deck didn't suck as bad as I thought it might, but my Fairy aggro deck kind of blew some multiplay sessions out of the water, which I was surprised by. Our weekend ended on kind of a low note when this one jackass with a Highlander deck basically made us suffer through the worst banned-card deck ever made. Nobody could ever do anything, and we were all super pissed since it was pretty much our last game together for awhile (at least until June, likely). Oh well. Damn EDH nerd. But oh, I am trying not to buy all the Monsterocalypse singles that Gamma Ray has. I could waste a whole ton of money collecting that game. Seriously.

Like a lot of people at PAX, I had swine flu. Luckily I caught it early, and the minute I saw a fever spike I called my doc and got some meds. I just can't take any chances when I have a fever, because we all know how that goes by now. Anyway, it put me out of commission on a lot of things that I had already put off until after Labor Day, so basically the last week or so has been scrambling to get all the recent orders out the door, get the Bust thing squared away, etc. etc.

Weddings plans are going well, despite a fire drill yesterday. We have the venue booked and are starting to book hotel rooms for known attendees, so it's rolling along. Unfortunately, this was all done before I found out that the day that I chose (June 5th), which is kind of like the last possible weekend in the spring we could do it for a multitude of reasons, is the week of the KEXP Pledge Drive. That means that Michele, my previously chosen maid of honor, couldn't make it. With all the issues we've had lately, her not being able to get out of it ten months in advance was sort of like icing on the cake of our phone tag friendship. I'm not really faulting her on it, I know how they roll at the station having been apart of several pledge drives on the web side, but it still just sucks and I shouldn't have to change my date. So Karen S. will be my maid of honor, and I'm already extremely happy about the switch. We haven't hung out as much as we used to before they got married, but at least I know where we stand, and she's super excited. So yay. I'll probably have one additional bridesmaid and groomsman (probably Cherish - Phil's sil; his bro is the best man - and Don) and that's it for the wedding party.

This weekend was just all kinds of stupid, sort of culminated by the aforementioned stupid. Some of Phil's high school friends were in town and I was kind of under the impression that when we hung out, it'd be just the four of us. It turned out to be six of us, and that's just too many people for my taste usually. They were ok, and we had fun at Bauhaus with a few games of blokus, but it was just sort of irritating. And Phil did that thing that I've seen friends do to me in the past where he sort of harps on the negative, even if it's just in fun, and it makes me feel horrible in front of people I've only known for two minutes. So yeah. We talked about it though, and we're fine now. We had more fun on Sunday, despite that Ponyo was a lot more one-dimensional than I thought it'd be for Ghibli film. Alas.

So that's it really. Things are about to get insane, since it's holiday pre-season on my end. I have a lot of brewing to do tonight and a lot of setup to start taking care of, since show season starts for me on Oct 9th. I'll have one every month through the end of the year, which I feel like is plenty, and hoping to launch Tucker Oil Co at the Etsy Rain show (pending my acceptance). I'd say I should get back to work, but work has been slooooooooooooooow.